Isopod: The Game

High Production Value Gameplay Without Compromising Core Learning

Is it a video game that kids absolutely love? Or is it a sophisticated entomology textbook covering important science topics, such as beneficial insects in agriculture, biodiversity preservation and invasive species awareness?

It’s BOTH.

At it’s heart, Isopod is a physics-controlled “roly poly” science game that feels a bit like many of the popular marble/maze apps you might have played. However, instead of a wooden box with walls, Isopod takes place in a realistic nature setting with the goal of saving important insects, not killing them. Each interactive element in the game has a topic written about it, penned by a variety of authors including biologists, teachers, researchers and entomologists.  Parents will delight in the fact that Isopod is not just a game, but a carefully constructed science lesson that covers, in detail, much of the scientific data associated with each animal featured in the game. Kids will be shocked that one of their “edu-games” is actually fun and loaded with quality arcade-style gameplay. For home schoolers, it’s a fantastic plan of study in entomology designed to be enjoyed by both child and educator. Isopod aims to inspire a new generation of tech-savvy children to explore the wonders of the natural world, and to value the creative beauty of real science.

Learning Center page and game play screenshot.

Isopod will initially be released in four versions. The first, Isopod “lite” will be a free app with access to level one, environment one. If you like what you see, then hopefully you will consider purchasing the second version which includes the full game, twelve levels in four different environments, and the full interactive textbook. The third version was created specifically for parents and educators. It is completely unlocked, so all data is immediately available for review. Lastly, if you prefer the textbook with no game, Isopod the iBook will be available as well.  And just so you know, all versions come with free, downloadable curriculum, available on this site and through the Xylem and Phloem Facebook page.

There is also an extended online study guide at our Pinterest board, located here:

This board contains hours of video and the best pictures and links culled from the web, curated by Xylem and Phloem. For the moment, Isopod will only be available for the Ipad. Of course, we are working hard to expand the game to multiple platforms, as well as building new science-based apps for you to enjoy!

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